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When your company is short on cash you can't afford to wait days upon days for an answer for your accounts receivable factoring!


We realize that if you are researching accounts receivable factoring you need cash; and you need it fast.


That is why we guarantee a response in 24 hours when you submit an accounts receivable factoring application and our standard time to fund and approve typical accounts receivable factoring application is only 7 calendar days.


Now that is FAST! Furthermore, the application is FREE!


You will be pleased to know that we fund millions of dollars in accounts receivable factoring every month and we are anxious to review your accounts receivable factoring needs and requirements.


With our many accounts receivable factoring solutions available, we are able to take away your money worries and will allow you to focus on what is really important: your businesses productivity. 


Furthermore, when you do your accounts receivable factoring with United Capital Funding, you are doing your financing with no debt to you or your company.


Accounts receivable factoring with our company requires no co-signing or pledging personal assets like you have to do quite often when getting a bank loan or a line of credit.


Because we manage your accounts receivable factoring program to provide your company with invoice factoring, we save you money and time. You can go online anytime you desire and review accurate credit and financial information about your accounts receivable factoring activities, which makes it easy for you to make smart and expedient business decisions.


Because we will buy your receivables during the accounts receivable factoring process, you will have working capital and cash flow to continue your business and fill your client's next order.


Utilizing accounts receivable factoring, you do not have to wait for your client to pay their invoice for you to be able to continue running your business.



Accounts Receivable Factoring


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